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Italy – Vietnam customs corridor: second day of visit for the Marche region Government delegation. Councillor Bora: “The multimodal infrastructure network of Regione Marche is the key element of interest for the Vietnamese counterpart”.

(HANOI) – The Marche region is the bridge for export flows from Europe to the Asean countries (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Birmania, Cambogia). The creation of a privileged customs corridor between the Marche intermodal hubs and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam- which is a strategic Asean country – in order to [...]

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The logistics platform of Marche region

Within a span of 30kms, the three key infrastructures facilities are available

  • Interporto Marche dry-port
  • Ancona sea-port
  • Ancona-Falconara airport

The infrastructure facilities

The Interporto Marche freight village currently develops an overall area of 104 hectars to be further expanded in the future, if needed. Nowadays 54 hectars are equipped with 6 rail tracks connected to the main domestic railway line.

Centro Italia container terminal

Is the Business Unit of Interporto Marche spa dedicated to the management and development of the daily operations of the container terminal area.


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