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Interporto Marche infrastructure

The Interporto Marche overall landsurface is over 500,000 where 10% is fully licensed for warehouse construction. A future expansion of land up to 101 hectares –100,000 of which are for warehouse building – is granted by Jesi city town authorization as well as the Environment and the Transport Ministers’ approval.

The total investment project is worth 130 million euros.

The 110,000 sq. mts container terminal area is served by 6 rail tracks housing up to a 500-metre long train and a check-in and check-out rail platform – located beside the West-East “Orte-Falconara” main railway line – made of 4 rail tracks and relevant electric-powered dead-end railway tracks housing up to 695-metre long train.

Jesi Interporto cargo rail station is being built and in 2013  it will become the only freight station to serve incoming and outgoing cargo trains following the shut-down of Falconara Marittima, Jesi and Fabriano stations. The “Jesi-Interporto” cargo station full operations will cut down container terminal maneuvering and access operation costs of Interporto Marche.

The existing  10,000 warehouse is served with the West-East “Orte-Falconara” main railway line; a dedicated road access from SS76 national route is 24h-video surveillance controlled and allows a safe transit and parking operation for vehicles and operators.

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