Nasce dal cuore dell'italia, arriva al cuore dell'economia

  • 12 May 2015

    “Halal compliant free trade zone” M.O.U. is signed. The Marche regioni s ready to become the new Italian Dubai.

    12thMay 2015

    JESI – The signature of a memorandum of understanding is for the building of the first  “Halal compliant free trade zone” (H.F.T.Z.) at Interporto Marche freight village in Jesi. The event is a milestone  business opportunity for Italy and for the European Union.

    The H.F.T.Z. is a logistics hub dedicated to the free-circulation and exchange of Shariah-compliant trading  within the EU market.

    The first European H.F.T.Z. is located in the centre -eastern Marche region of Italy, in the city outskirts of Jesi.

    This Memorandum of Understanding is signed by Halal International Authority, Svim – Sviluppo Marche SpA and Piattaforma Logistica delle Marche (Marche Region Logistics Platform -a business network contract) on Tuesday, May 12th in the municipal building of Jesi (Italy). This document is the first step to a Framework Agreement where a comprehensive business plan will be formally released.

    Protagonists of this initiative are Mr.Sharif Lorenzini, President of Halal International Authority, Mr.Fabio Spilotros, HIA area manager, Mr.Massimo Bacci, Mayor of Jesi , Mr.Sergio Bozzi, CEO of Svim Spa, Mr. Nicola Paradiso, President of Marche region Logistics Platform.

    Halal International Authority (HIA) is member of World Food Halal Council and not only deals with the issue of Halal certification, but also with the development of Halal Standard worldwide accreditation bodies and professionals, the monitoring and promotion of the global Halal market. Other important goals are to organize social and cultural activities and initiatives aimed at urging the protection of Muslim consumers and assuring Islamic legal and technical training of all operators in the Halal market, including Government Agencies, Public Administrations, manufacturers, trade associations, Trading Companies & Advisors.

    This project is inspired by Dubai economic model:  a small country whose wealth is not generated by oil trade- which represents only 20% of its GDP unlike any other city of the Arabian Gulf – but, given its strategic geographic position,  it has become a leading logistics hub that generates 80% of the economic system thanks to the Halal world. Further to the H.F.T.Z signature, Marche region meets all requirements to become another Dubai with high growth expectations for Italy in this deep recession time.

    This project was born thanks to the long-sighted view of Svim SpA and the Logistics platform of Marche region (a spin-off company born from Interporto Marche spa and Aedorica Spa know-how on transport & logistics): it is clear that the new geopolitical system and the new economic balances are now shifting eastward.

    The Islamic world population is fast growing (+15% per year ) and outnumbers two billion people in 57 countries with an overall consumption of goods and services of three thousand billion a year. More than 85% of products  comes from the West, especially from Europe.  Italy is a major player, and sometimes it is the first trading and industrial partner for many Islamic countries, in particular in the North African countries. The latest data report shows an increase of Italian export from 2% to 10%  especially for the food industry.

    In Europe the Muslim community counts 41 million people, 5 of which live in Italy.

    Moving goods to the Islamic world market means transferring Halal products through a certified supply chain that ensures the Halal status during the transport.  So it is necessary to ensure traceability of goods. Despite being the first trading partner of Islamic countries, Europe has no point of access and transit; this means that Europe has no traceability points. Jesi H.F.T.Z. will fulfil this gap.

    The project of building an H.F.T.Z. comes on crucial business momentum  for the Islamic world: it needs to plan how the goods could transit from Europe towards the Islamic markets and vice versa.  By virtue of economic globalization process, a product consisting of at least five ingredients, comes from or is produced by at least three different countries. So the transit is not only from Italy but from all over Europe.

    The Islamic finance is a fundamental stakeholder of the business development plan to lead the logistics platform of Marche Region and the Halal Free Trade Zone.

    This project represents a unique opportunity of great economic development for Marche region transport infrastructures and logistics services. The mission of the Logistics Platform of Marche region is the  optimization of the existing infrastructures and services to serve the business community at its best.

    Once  the H.F.T.Z. is built, it will be part of the Halal Mediterranean hub where Jesi H.F.T.Z.  is the Italian Halal logistics centre. This exclusive project  by Halal International Authority will bring about an important growth of Halal tourism  sector in Italy.  The building of H.F.T.Z. in Marche region is a golden business opportunity for the local and national economy to overcome the current economic crisis and it will also bring about a cultural integration: 350 companies are currently fully Halal certified in Italy.


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