Container Terminal (T.C.I.)


Facilitating the construction of intermodal and/or co-modal transport solutions with a view to neutrality in the logistics operators market. Organizing and managing the handling of containers and railway convoys, as well as the related information flows.

Logistics area

Interporto Marche extends over an area of 54 hectares that are already urbanized, and over the years, the company has made and planned investments in infrastructure, facilities, and real estate for a total amount of around 130 million euros.

TC yard 90,000 sqm, operational yards and parking lots 80,000 sqm.
warehouses 12,000 sqm, office building 1,200 sqm.


Dpa S.c.a.r.l.

The intermodality of Interporto Marche

The planning and construction of the Interporto Marche arose from the need to rationalize the transportation chain through the coordinated use of various possible modes and to promote intermodality in this area.

The objective is to promote the pursuit of economies of scale and synergies that could not otherwise be achieved with a different mode of transportation, focusing on long distances (over 400 km) and the certainty of arrival times. The advantage of intermodality is that, once the goods are compiled without any breakages, they are shipped by train to their destination using a combined transport mode that involves both road and rail transportation. This is why the Interporto delle Marche aims to be a certain reference point for all companies in the area and their commercial traffic.

In addition to intermodal logistics, there is also rationalization of the final distribution of goods in urban areas, represented by distribution logistics. By concentrating a significant portion of incoming goods in an urban area in a single location, this creates the conditions for optimizing their final distribution by using specialized (non-polluting) vehicles and minimizing routes, thus also helping to alleviate urban traffic congestion.

The Interport in the logistics platform of Marche region

The company Interporto Marche Spa has built the Interporto delle Marche, encompassing the Logistics Platform of the Marche region in a 30 km area in the province of Ancona, which already included the Port of Ancona and the Marche Airport in Falconara.

This infrastructure system has resulted in the concentration of the three major infrastructure nodes, a cornerstone for the organization of collection and distribution of goods in central Italy and along the Adriatic backbone, looking both eastwards towards the Balkans, southwards towards the Mediterranean sea routes, westwards towards the major Tyrrhenian and Atlantic traffic, and northwards towards the European corridors on the Helsinki-La Valletta route.

The Framework Agreement signed on February 7, 2006 between the Port-Airport-Interport allows for the planning of actions and activities that take into account the potential of each of the infrastructure nodes that are part of the Marche Logistics Platform.

The Protocol of Understanding signed on November 10, 2009 between the Port Authority of Ancona and the company Interporto Marche Spa strengthened the Framework Agreement, committing to enhancing the Marche Logistics Platform by agreeing on joint commercial policy and operational programming actions.

Looking at much larger scenarios than just the regional or central Italy, international maritime transport is expected to grow, also considering the centrality that the Mediterranean will maintain with the doubling of the Suez Canal. The Port of Ancona is preparing for this with the construction of the outer breakwater and the straight quay of about 950 meters.

The arrival of a ship in the port presupposes a general system of sorting goods that mainly passes through effective intermodal activity. The entire system has been designed and moves through intermodal and rail-road-air transport techniques, which will allow the capacity for sorting incoming goods to grow, and with it, the possibility of increasing the total volume of goods that are currently unloaded at the Port of Ancona (100,000 TEUs per year).

The agreements signed with Rete Ferroviaria Italiana have brought the Marche Logistics Platform even closer to the major European land traffic routes, extending the market line to Ancona and distinguishing it from the universal transport line. This lays the foundation for completing the same process also on the Orte-Falconara line that cuts through central Italy from east to west towards the port of Civitavecchia and maritime traffic arriving from northern Europe and the West.

The infrastructure of Interporto Marche

The Interporto Marche has a territorial surface area of over 500,000 square meters, of which about 10% has already been leased for the construction of warehouses. The opportunities for further developing the infrastructure have been guaranteed by the approval of the variation to the Municipal Regulatory Plan of the City of Jesi, and by the revision of the Environmental Impact Statement approved by the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Transport, which will allow the doubling of the surface area up to a total extension threshold of 101 hectares and 100,000 square meters of covered area, for a total final investment of over 130 million euros.

The area is entirely urbanized and includes a container terminal yard connected directly to the Orte-Falconara rail line. Currently, trains are inserted on the Orte-Falconara railway line via a transfer process, but the "Interporto Station" is being built, which will allow for direct routing of trains.

The Interporto delle Marche represents a definite operational advantage for the local entrepreneurial fabric to compete in a constantly evolving European and global market. The assets of the Interporto, the already active intermodal activity, and its geographical location, constitute an opportunity to support local, national, and international productive and developmental activities.

The 15,000 square meter warehouse already built is connected to the Orte-Falconara railway line and allows for easy intermodal activity, while the dedicated junction from the SS76, controlled and video-monitored, allows for the transit and stoppage of vehicles in complete safety.

Interporto Marche Spa
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